Reliable national janitorial services
Standardized results in every Canadian province
35 years of core janitorial experience

Skilled. Qualified. Compliant. Exclusive Maintenance delivers standardized janitorial and ancillary services across Canada. We hold the quality certifications that evaluate janitorial systems, processes, and policies.

Solutions that deliver nationally standardized results for the commercial, public, and parapublic sectors.

Exclusive Maintenance provides you with a solid structure that uses the methods you expect from a reliable service provider.

Competitive advantages

  • Over 35 years of core janitorial experience.
  • National administrative and operational footprint.
  • Financially-sound.
  • Responsible commercial risk management policies and insurance.
  • Compliant with federal, provincial, and municipal legislation.
  • Experienced account rollout and standard operating processes.
  • Single source janitorial, ancillary services, equipment, and consumables provider.

Contact us to simplify the management of your janitorial program. Prompt responses to your requests for information or tender pre-qualification requests. Enjoy a professional relationship based on trust, mutual respect, and integrity.